Wirepas Mesh 2.4GHz Devices Positioning Application Options

BlueUp tags and anchors can be provided with two alternative Positioning Application (PosApp) options:

  1. standard Wirepas PosApp
  2. custom BlueUp PosApp

Both applications are based on reference Wirepas Positioning Library (PosLib) and are compatible with Wirepas Positioning Engine (WPE), but differ for some specific and advanced functionalities.

Standard Wirepas PosApp

Standard Wirepas PosApp implements the complete functionality required for collection and delivery of the RSSI measurements. Standard Wirepas PosApp is designed to run on both tags and anchors. There are operation modes dedicated for both tag and anchor as described below and can be divided in two categories, plus additional modes:

  • Main Low Energy (LE) infrastructure operating modes: they are the ones covering most of the use cases; NRLS for tags and Opportunistic Anchors for anchors;
  • Main Directed Advertiser (DA) operating modes: they are the modes used in case of Directed Advertiser enabled anchors and tags;
  • Other modes: other modes covering specific use cases (e.g. Autoscan tags or anchors).

Wirepas PosApp app can be configured to send periodically BLE beacons (Eddystone / iBeacons) in all the operating modes i.e. both tags and anchors. The BLE beacon configuration allows to send them all the time or only when outside the network coverage (e.g. this would allow to detect an asset tracking tag using a phone while outside the network coverage). The BLE beacon period is configurable and it is possible to send Eddystone or iBeacon or both. Nevertheless, BLE beacon ID cannot be configured and is fixed.

Configuration of the PosApp can be done through an Application Configuration (AppConfig) data message, that should be sent to all sinks in the network and is permanent.

For more information about Wirepas PosApp, refer to Wirepas Positioning Application Reference Manual v1.5

Custom BlueUp PosApp

Custom BlueUp PosApp differentiate between tags and anchors. At present it is not possible to reconfigure a tag as an anchor or viceversa.

For more information about custom BlueUp PosApp, refer to Wirepas firmware v.3. User Guide

How to choose Positioning Application

When ordering Wirepas-enabled devices from BlueUp you can choose either standard Wirepas PosApp or custom BlueUp PosApp. In this section, we provide some general criteria for selecting the best option for your needs.

First of all, consider that:

  • both applications are compatible with WPE, while only Blueup PosApp is compatible with BlueUp MeshCube platform;
  • both applications are compatible with any Wirepas gateway on the market, including BlueUp TinyGateway family.

For more information, please consult our technical support service for selecting the best choice for your needs.

When to choose standard Wirepas PosApp

Standard Wirepas PosApp is the preferred option in the following cases:

  • you have an installation with devices from multiple vendors. In this case, using the standard Wirepas PosApp is suggested as all devices share same application (and same AppConfig);
  • you use Wirepas Positioning Engine (WPE). Although both applications can be used with WPE, advanced functionalities implemented in custom Blueup PosApp are not natively fully exploited in WNT/WPE, thus standard Wirepas PosApp can be a better option (unless such advanced functionalities are mandatory for your needs).

When to choose custom BlueUp PosApp

Custom BlueUp PosApp is the preferred options in the following cases:

  • you use MeshCube as Positioning Engine software. BlueUp PosApp and MeshCube are designed in an integrated manner: you have access to a high-level user and configuration interface, where all functionalities can be configured and used.
  • you require advanced functionalities. If you need advanced functionalities, like state-transition notification, man-down detection, different BLE beaconing for anchors and tags, different push button events, you may select BlueUp custom PosApp.