LocateBLE Anchors Installation Guide

LocateBLE is a real time locating system that is based on the Received Signal Strength Indicator RSSI and trilateration to compute the position of moving tags. The BlueUp RTLS system components are:

  • BLE Tags – wearable mobile devices, applied to assets or worn by people for tracking;
  • BLE Locators – fixed devices that are installed in the environment and that measure the RSSI between the Locator and the detected tags. Locators are devices composed by a Gateway and an antenna;
  • LocateBLE Software – collects data coming from the Locators and computes the position of the tags based on the collected RSSIs.

This document describes how to install BLE Locators to obtain best results in locating beacons in the environment.

General Rules

When installing the BLE Locators it is important to keep in mind that this type of devices need a wired power supply. For this reason, wiring should be one of the main concerns when designing the network.

When placing the Locators, the walls type, doors and other environment elements have to be considered since they could represent a constraint for the signal transmission. Based on the usage of the system, the main localization goal that has to be achieved, and on the antenna type, the Locators can be installed on the ceiling or on the walls.

It is recommended to have all the locators installed in the same way: or on the ceiling or on the walls for better performance.

In the following are described the general rules for Locators installation, based on the Locator type and the antenna model.

Compatible Gateways

The following sections contains the list of Gateways that are compatible with LocateBLE and their possible installation options, based on the antenna type.


TinyGateway family is a series of innovative gateways developed by BlueUp. Tinygateway comes in different variants, suitable for Indoor and Outdoor. For more information refer to TinyGateway User Guides

image image
TinyGateway WiFi BLE TinyGateway WiFi BLE Outdoor
image image
TinyGateway PoE BLE TinyGateway PoE BLE Outdoor

Third-party gateways


Ingics iGS03 is a family of LocateBLE – compatible BLE Gateways, used for communication between the BLE beacons and the LocateBLE software, that will perform all the calculations to determine the position and other features of the BLE beacons.

The iGS03 gateways can be provided in different options:

image image
iGS03 WiFi BLE Gateway iGS03 PoE BLE Gateway

4. Typical Environments

Below are proposed and described typical environments, where positioning can be the main concern, with a proposed Locator installation model.


The most common environment where BLE Localization is used is an office, having different rooms and a meeting room. If the ceiling height is under 3.5 meters and it allows the wiring design, it is possible to install the Locators on the ceiling.

Office example

If rooms localization is required, locators can be installed in the corners of the rooms, facing the center of the room.

Office example 2

To increase the accuracy in bigger rooms, other Locators can be added on the ceiling.

Office example 3


LocateBLE can be also used for tracing the movements in the outdoor. For better performance the locators have to be placed following a regular grid.

Outdoor example