GateDetector Introduction

GateDetector is a stand-alone BlueUp proprietary application developed to detect and monitor transits through an entrance or exit point, referred to as Gate. This application can be integrated in other BlueUp systems on demand.

GateDetector exploits Bluetooth Low Energy devices with tags configured with a proprietary Safety beaconing protocol, based on the iBeacon standard.

This application is particularly suitable for scenarios where the entrance and exit of people and / or assets is of major importance.

The components of the Gate Detector are:

  • BLE Antennas fixed devices that are used to detect the transits through a Gate. For each gate 2 Antennas are needed;
  • Tags mobile devices, applied to assets or worn by people, used for transit detection. The tags must be configured with Safety Beaconing enabled;
  • Gate Detector software can be installed on a physical or on a virtual machine, and can be integrated using APIs.


GateDetector is provided with a powerful software that allows to monitor the transits through the gates in real-time.

Moreover, GateDetector is provided with a set of MQTT / HTTP APIs for an easy and straightforward integration with other end-applications.